Social Media: Essential Strategic Communication!

Social media must be viewed as an essential strategic communication medium that all businesses should embed in their overall marketing plan.  Social media can’t be viewed as a fad, a craze or the next big thing. Its potential to maximize a brand/identity, business, organization or personality continues to evolve and its imminent impact will further astound those who have yet to embrace it.


How to: pick the right Social Media Engagement Style?

As business look to social media to keep and attract new customers they should understand their customer’s engagement style. These are just some examples of styles reflecting diverse relationships between customer and potential customers.

  1. The Game Show Host (Giving stuff away or offering deals)
  2. Your Friendly Neighborhood Service Rep (Like a good neighbor, you listen to your customers)
  3. The Beehive (We’re all in this together people)
  4. The Community Builder(Always an acquaintance but never a friend)
  5. The Friend (Every customer interaction is like one amazing high-five)

It’s imperative that a business understand their customers’ needs and what type of social media will best engage their current customer base and at the same time expand the possibilities to connect with prospective customers.

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Social Media Marketing: Do you have a Strategy?

Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter feed, but you don’t know why you have them, what to do with them, or how to measure their results? Even if you may not know why you have them, incorporating these social media into a business public relations and marketing plans is a great strategy to stay ahead of the competition! Doing research on the importance of social media will allow you to understand the role they are playing to connect consumers to your business!