Segmenting Email Lists – A 2012 Trend

In mid November we were invited to speak to a group of energetic and eager-to-learn business brokers on the western coast of Florida on the topic of interactive marketing trends on the horizon for 2012. An appreciated "Emineo Media Email Marketing," "Interactive Email Marketing," "Interative Social Media Marketing," "Facebook Fan Pages"opportunity to connect with a group of professionals witnessing first hand the cause and effect of a challenged economy. And not unlike the entrepreneurs they actively serve, they themselves are constantly striving to find  the next bit of professional interactive marketing know-how they too can deploy to further differentiate their own niche within their space. As all small business owners launch revived marketing campaigns born out of regrets and new year resolutions, we’re offering this article by practical ecommerce as a point of reference as you continue to build and leverage your email list this year. We trust you’ll find it helpful in developing your own marketing plans for 2012 and of course, when time constraints prohibit you from efficiently or effectively maintaining your interactive strategies know that you always turn to us as your local partner.



Smartphone users constantly checking web email!

Despite the advent of smartphone and tablet technology, and social media, email remains a prime communication channel, with many consumers constantly checking their inboxes online while on the move.

For many consumers (58%) the first place they head online each day is their inbox, and the vast majority (83%) will scan through all their emails back to the last time they logged in.  Now, with many consumers wielding smartphones, email inboxes are being checked while on the move and smartphone users are more fanatic in their email-checking than non-users, found ExactTarget’s research.

While just over a quarter (28%) of non-smartphone users said they check their email “constantly” throughout the day, nearly half (45%) of smartphone users do so.

In fact, checking email is a more common mobile web activity than visiting Facebook (23%) or Twitter (5%) among smartphone users.

Overall, the home PC remains the top location from which consumers constantly check email (24%) with 63% using it to check email daily. Meanwhile, 16% of email users overall constantly check email from a work/school computer (22% daily).

Eleven percent of email users check constantly from a mobile phone (15% daily) but the numbers are minimal for iPad/tablet users with 2% constantly checking and 3% checking daily.

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Sherpa: Changes in 2011 Email Marketing Budgets!

Have your email marketing budgets increased, decreased or stayed the same for 2011?

Take a look at this week’s chart from MarketingSherpa to learn how the changes planned for your 2011 email marketing budget compare to those of more than 1,100 marketers.

The extent of changes to email marketing budgets for the coming year

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There’s no question about it — email budgets will continue to rise in 2011. As organizations become (cautiously) optimistic about the improving economy, purse strings are starting to loosen, and email marketing is a primary beneficiary.

In addition to economic forces, email is earning increased investment because it continues to prove itself as one of the most (if not the most) effective tools in the marketing toolbox.

Multichannel (B2B2C) organizations are much more likely to increase their email budget by a significant amount than are single-channel organizations.

B2B organizations, particularly in the industrial sector, are often considered conservative marketing spenders. While a majority of those marketing exclusively to other businesses are increasing email budgets, B2B marketers are also more likely than other marketers to keep their 2011 email budget the same as 2010.

For additional research data and insights about email marketing, download and read the free Executive Summary from the MarketingSherpa 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report.

by Jeff Rice, Research Analyst

MarketingSherpa: New Chart: Changes in 2011 email marketing budgets.

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