Create a more personalized and meaningful connection with your customers!

Implementing and running a successful social media marketing program doesn’t have to be inefficient or time-consuming… unless you try to do it all yourself or hand it over to your niece/nephew. Emineo Media can help you develop, implement, and run a comprehensive social media marketing program! Social media marketing is a rousing way to tap into a growing audience of potential customers using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These users can share their thoughts about products or services with friends/family, increasing the popularity of a brand and increasing the number of visitors to your business website. This gives social media explosive viral marketing potential.

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Welcome to the age of two-way communication.

Today, your customers play an intricate part in what is being said about your products, services and brand online. Although some may see this as a challenge, what better way to meet this challenge than to engage them in conversation? Social media provides an exciting forum to engage current and potential customers in new and exciting ways. There are plenty of opportunities to create two-way communication with them and provide these same customers a chance to promote your business through their interaction. Emineo Media believes social media marketing should captivate the audience and provide a compelling way to listen, educate and interact with customers about your company.

We understand the importance of being social.

Passionate, energetic, and experienced, Emineo Media’s social media marketing team can equip you with a focused social media marketing strategy – plus the insight and advice you need to successfully monitor and manage your brand’s reputation online.

Emineo Media understands what it takes to engage users on their own terms and interact with them building an effective and rewarding social network. Done right, a social media marketing strategy can build personalized, lasting, and meaningful connections.

Why select Emineo Media to execute and run your Social Media?

Emineo Media’s social media marketing provides strategic online recommendations based on our client’s business goals and specific needs. Our focus is to organized an effective social media marketing plan that consist of creating and establishing a “buzz” enabling you to grow and cultivate followers and fans while encouraging them to be proactive in promoting and spreading your message in their social network. Ongoing buzz fuels successful social media marketing, but converting that buzz into revenue requires a separate set of disciplines — and that’s what distinguishes Emineo Media.

Emineo Media’s Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing Development & Strategy
  • Social Media account setup and profile creation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Campaign Development and Execution
  • Social Media Website Integration
  • Social Media Consulting and Training
  • Audience Identification and Analysis
  • Custom-designed Social Media profile pages
  • Search engine optimized content (including video & press releases)
  • Custom-designed landing pages and/or micro-sites for product or service-specific promotions
  • Program performance monitoring and reporting

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