Does email marketing work?

A recent survey from Constant Contact indicates that 91% of businesses’ still use email marketing. With regulatory changes and the rise of social media’s popularity, email marketing has become more challenging. Statistically, consumers still prefer email over social media sites when it comes to receiving coupons, special offers and promotions from trusted brands. But even the best email marketing campaigns can fall flat if they are executed in a vacuum. An integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy is the best way for modern marketers to increase ROI and develop meaningful relationships with their customers.

Generate Leads and Drive Sales!

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The primary purpose of most email marketing campaigns is to generate leads or sales by driving prospects to take some form of action: fill out a request form, sign up to an offer, or make a purchase. Emineo Media begins with a thorough assessment of your business objectives, your current email list (if any), your customer search patterns, and analyze your main competitors.

Email and Social Media come together and join forces!

Email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective online tools for attracting new customers and enhancing your relationship with existing ones. But successful email marketing requires more than just email marketing software. The success of an email marketing program is dependent on a number of critical elements, including:

Social media is here to stay

Social Media and email are becoming more integrated as they both continue to evolve. Email campaign management tools are evolving to support this shift and marketers have more opportunities than ever to manage their relationships integrating them both social-networking functionality with existing consumer touch points.

When you select Emineo Media to manage your Email marketing you don’t need to purchase or learn any software, or worry about keeping up with the latest email marketing regulations or best-practices. Our team of seasoned email marketing professionals handles all the complexities of managing your email marketing program. Emineo Media’s full-service email marketing includes:

  • Emineo Media Email Marketing Services
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Development
  • Email Design and Production
  • Email Distribution and Tracking
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Email list development
  • Email list management
  • Creative services
  • Email campaign delivery.
  • Targeted email opt-in list
  • Professionally-written and designed email collateral

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