Enter to Win and Save!

Contest promotions are an increasingly popular way for marketers to reach Facebook’s 800 million active users. After all, if you see an item in your news feed about a friend getting a free iPad, or entering to win meal discounts, you’re quite likely to check out how you can get the same thing. When leveraged correctly, social media is an undeniably powerful tool for contest promotion. Consumers want to feel they are part of something. They are also looking to win a prize, gift or something of significant value. Offering a contest promotion on Facebook is a great place for brands to help create a real connection with their consumers, and, in turn, create valuable loyalists. Through trial and error we’ve developed strategies that establish successful contest-focused social media campaigns.

Emineo Media helps you design a Contest

"Emineo Media Contest Promotions," "Interactive Social Media"We set out to engage your fans through social media; the logical place to start is establishing what your business goals are. We start with three core objectives to provide a sustainable impact for your social media presence:

  • Expand the overall reach of the brand
  • Drive user engagement
  • Cultivate an interactive online community

Chances are, if your brand has a presence on Facebook, it will likely have at least a small following. Growing fan “likes” is what most businesses seek to achieve, but don’t fully understand how to run a successful campaign. To keep growth steady throughout the course of the campaign, we offered an incentive – giveaways are a great way to create buzz and grow connections. We launched the friend-get-friend Facebook application to encourage users to invite their friends to the fan page. For each five friends a user converts through the app, they get a free Canadian Club t-shirt.

We keep your audience interested and engaged.

Regular involvement with your audience and creating opportunities for them to engage increases their investment in the campaign. This increases the likelihood that they will talk about it, which is the ultimate goal.
We build a buzz encouraging ongoing participation by leveraging influencers to keep the conversation going. The contest is the vehicle that drives the conversation.
Acknowledging your biggest advocates and genuinely communicating with them will ensure that they are able to effectively spread your contest’s message and help to bring your contest to the next level.

Viral Word of Mouth

Once the initial users enter your campaign, the word begins to spread via such viral features as friend invites, activity feeds and notifications. Thus, word about your campaign and your brand can spread far more quickly and widely than if you publish your campaign on your website alone.
When Christina enters your contest on Facebook and shares with her friends Denyse, Raul, Minnie and Eryk. Denyse responds to the invitation and decides to share with some of her friends as well. Her friend Sophia enters the contest as well and she invites her friends and so on. Meanwhile, Christina’s entry in the contest shows up on the newsfeed which her friend Brittni sees and she too enters the contest, which generate another newsfeed. Before you come to realize Christina’s “like” may have resulted in all sorts of people hearing about and entering the contest!

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