Big Changes for the Big Social Media Platforms

This has been a busy week for social media! There have been so many changes that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. That’s why we are wrapping up the most important stories of the week for you right here. As we know, social media is constantly changing and when you are in charge of managing a community, you need to be on top of all the changes! Here’s what has been going on this week in social media.


After lots of rumors, Facebook launched their very own App Center today. Their app store is for iOS and Android and will incorporate any app that uses Facebook integration in some way, shape, or form. You can access it from your mobile device or computer. The store has about 600+ apps so far, which is small compared to other app stores, but you will be sure that it will grow. The question remains, what will this mean for Facebook IPO?


Looks like Twitter and Facebook are playing nice and joining forces to integrate better. Now when you include an @mention or #hashtag in a Facebook post, a link to that Twitter handle or hashtag will be added. If you aren’t seeing this on your page yet you may need to disconnect and then reconnect Twitter from your Facebook account. Although this change is subtle it speaks volumes about the relationship between Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps there will be more integration with the two social media giants in the future?


LinkedIn become newsworthy this week but not in a good way. Earlier this week LinkedIn suffered from a security breach endangering 6.5 million user passwords. The problem has since been resolved but to be safe, we suggest you change your password anyway! Anyone who was affected should have been contacted by LinkedIn. They have issued a formal apology and are working with police to investigate the matter.


After a lot of hype, Foursquare launched with a brand new design this week. If you update your mobile app you will notice the UX/UI has changed and there is a heavy emphasis on the “explore” tab. The app has also become a little more social including a more prominently displayed “like” button and a feature that tells you which of your friends are close by. What do you think of the new Foursquare?

Other News

Sean Parker’s latest project, Airtime, launched and it is a mix between Chatroulette (the failed video discovery platform that is famous for inappropriate content) and Facebook. Instead of video chatting with random people, you a chatting with people with some kind of connection to you. Using the information from your Facebook, Airtime connects you with people from your neighborhood, with your friends, with friends of friends, or people with similar interests to you. There is also a special algorithm that protects against inappropriate content so it won’t experience the same downfall as Chatroulette!

Source Social Media Today


LinkedIn Today Redesign


You may have seen that LinkedIn Today has recently made some changes to their social news product. The product is easier to navigate, they have completely re-imagined the look and feel, so you can get quicker access and customized ways to consume the news that matters most to you.

One of the key design principles that drove the approach for the visual change was to simplify the experience; creating an elegant, delightful and customized experience for news consumption.

Simple and Engaging Interface

One of the core focus areas for LinkedIn Today has been to design a user interface that is engaging and simple to use. The default magazine theme layout creates a nice page hierarchy that allows users to quickly scan and identify the most interesting and relevant news and content.

It also gives users an overview of who’s sharing articles in your network – a great way to find like-minded people. Users can use the “Share” and “Save” buttons to share in their network in a timely fashion and save articles for reading later.


Easier Customization Experience 

You’ll also notice that they’ve made changes across the product experience to offer further customization of news so that members can receive the most timely and relevant news impacting their peers and industry. You’ll see this when you click on the “Customize your news” tab on the right hand module, as well as when you click on the gear setting icon on the upper right corner of the page. Those links will lead you to the news setting page where you can easily follow more industries & sources, as well as change the news email settings.


Source LinkedIn Today


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