LinkedIn Introduces Commenting and Liking


Back in May, LinkedIn Today’s social news product, made it easier to navigate by completely re-imagining the look and feel of the product. This initiative was driven by key design principles to simplify the experience; creating an elegant, delightful and customized experience for news consumption.

Here are two new features they’ve added.

Commenting & Liking: Sometimes the commentary about a news article can be just as insightful as the article itself. To that end, articles on LinkedIn Today will now include social gestures which will enable our 161 million member professionals to engage and create a dialogue around the news headlines that matter most to them, as well as learn what is currently trending online. This means, members will be able to see a snapshot of what’s top of mind among their professional networks.


Trending in Your Network: LinkedIn Today was built on the premise of providing a relevant, customizable news experience based on key news and updates trending in your industry and the other industries you choose to follow.  Starting today, we will begin rolling a new tab called “Trending in Your Network.”  By simply clicking on this tab, members will have yet another filter to sort through all of the professional news articles and industry updates, based on those articles that are currently the most popular among members of their professional networks, regardless of their industry.

These two new features, together with the existing customizable news feed, allow members to not only narrow down the most timely and relevant information needed when needed, but to also gather valuable insights about other like-minded individuals within their professional networks and beyond.

Source LinkedIn Today

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Update Your Linkedin

Emineo Media how to use linkedin

1. Optimize Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline need not be your job title. Instead, consider using keywords or phrases that describe who you are, what you do, and why you’re special.

2. Add Skills & Expertise

The Skills section of LinkedIn is still in beta but it’s rapidly growing. This section allows prospects, hiring managers and recruiters to search on a keyword, such as “online Emineo Media how to use linkedinmarketing”, and quickly uncover the people who can get the job done. It’s also a clever way for you to benchmark your competition.

3. List Your Honors & Awards

No one can see that fancy Blogger of the Year plaque hanging in your office but you. Now LinkedIn offers a designated place to list your honors. Don ‘t be shy – if ever there was a time to brag, this is it. Recent grad? Consider adding the new Test Scores section instead.

4. Customize Your Public Profile URL

Did you know that Google indexes your LinkedIn profile? That’s right – each page has a unique URL, but you can easily customize it to underscore your personal brand. Once you have a custom URL, drop it into your email signature. It’s a subtle way to encourage people to check out your profile and get connected. You can easily see who’s been spying on you but clicking Who’s Viewed Your Profile, found in the lower right hand corner from the Home page.

5. Include Twitter (only if you tweet)

LinkedIn has a field for you to include your Twitter handle in your profile. This is perfect for people who tweet. However, if you are not an active user or you keep your tweets private, consider skipping this field altogether. For the socially savvy, there’s little worse than clicking that hyperlink to check out your Twitter stream only to hit a dead end.

6. Reorder Overlapping Experience

Many professionals wear more than one hat, and now LinkedIn allows you to determine the order in which they appear. For example, if you’ve just been named the President of your local SMC chapter and wish to showcase that on your profile, you can add it to your experience then pull it under whatever other job you want to pop up first.

7. Update Your Status

Use your status to remind people who you are, what you do, and why you’re special. I recommend updating your status just once a week because unlike Facebook and Twitter, most members do not log in daily. Rather than pulling in your latest tweet, write something for just LinkedIn, sans hashtags and @ symbols which are little more than noise in this channel.

Source Social Media Club