3 Things Any Video Needs to Go Viral!

This is Emineo Media’s second highlight of the recent 38 New Social Media Resources recently found on Mashable.

Dan Greenberg is co-founder and CEO of social video advertising company Sharethrough, where he as worked on more than 200 campaigns for top brands such as SONY, Xbox, Victoria’s Secret and LEGO.

Marketers are investing millions of dollars in creating branded video content, from webisodes to viral videos to extended commercials. Why? To engage audiences with authentic, inspiring, entertaining content, and to encourage those viewers to share that content with their friends.

Branded video content works. Recent research conducted by Vizu revealed that viral video can be highly effective in driving purchase intent. For example, one campaign Vizu tested delivered a 110% lift in consumers’ purchase intent, with video viewers two times more likely to purchase than people who hadn’t seen the video campaign.

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38 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed!

Mashable has had another busy week and they have yield another mega list of tools and resources for your reading pleasure.

Emineo Media will highlight and promote some of the 38 resources we feel will be beneficial!

Check out Mashable’s Social Media section for tips on how turn any video viral, find out why the web loves cats so much, or simply determine what kind of geek you are. Tech & Mobile is packed with tools like top blogger templates, Photoshop tutorials, and tips for beginners when it comes to PHP programming. Business rounds out the list with how to use hashtags to boost you job search, great social media management tools, and some games for learning stock market strategy.

Looking for even more social media resources?  This guide appears every weekend, and you can check out all the lists-gone-by here any time

via 38 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed.

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