You’ve got a website!

You’ve got a website.

It’s got great graphics, pictures, company description, a blog and even a shopping cart, but where are your customers?

You’ve got a website! Your business should be booming now, right?

Step back and think about why you have a website in the first place.

The goal of a website:

      Find Sales Leads!

      Social Media Marketing!

      Conduct e-commerce!

      Search Engine Marketing

      E-mail Marketing


      Brand your business!


Does your website produce any of these goals?

If it doesn’t? 

The good new is we can maximize your website!

Emineo Media delivers interactive solutions that maximize marketing ROI.

We focus on business objectives to determine how companies can best use the Internet to increase revenues, reduce expenses and/or streamline business processes.

Emineo Media focuses on the complexities of interactive marketing and web services so our clients can focus on their business.

We can provide an analyze of your website.

You’ve got a website?

Let’s make the website work for you!


Interactive Marketing Listens to Customers!

Interactive Marketing is a reference to an evolving trend in marketing where marketing has moved from transaction-based to conversation-based. John Deighton at Harvard provided the definition of interactive marketing, he says; “interactive marketing is the ability to address the customer, remember what the customer says and address the customer again in a way that illustrates that we remember what the customer has told us (Deighton 1996).”

Although interactive marketing processes are facilitated by internet technology, interactive marketing is not the same as online marketing. The ability to communicate with our customer more easily using the technology of the internet is made easier when we can collect customer information online and share this information with them. Interactive marketing works because it allows us to better serve our clients, their customers and provides a better use of marketing dollars.


Emineo Media Ensures Businesses “Stand Out!”

Emineo in Latin means to “Stand Out” “Be Remarkable” “Be Prominent” ‘Be Conspicuous!”

Emineo Media in a team effort with your business will create an “Interactive Marketing Solution” to ensure your business “Stands Out” and is “Prominent” amongst the world of web enhancements. Our focus is maximizing the potential of your Internet presence to ensure our collaborative efforts produce “Remarkable” brand innovative results.