Emineo Media Ensures Businesses “Stand Out!”

Emineo in Latin means to “Stand Out” “Be Remarkable” “Be Prominent” ‘Be Conspicuous!”

Emineo Media in a team effort with your business will create an “Interactive Marketing Solution” to ensure your business “Stands Out” and is “Prominent” amongst the world of web enhancements. Our focus is maximizing the potential of your Internet presence to ensure our collaborative efforts produce “Remarkable” brand innovative results.


Social Media Marketing: Do you have a Strategy?

Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter feed, but you don’t know why you have them, what to do with them, or how to measure their results? Even if you may not know why you have them, incorporating these social media into a business public relations and marketing plans is a great strategy to stay ahead of the competition! Doing research on the importance of social media will allow you to understand the role they are playing to connect consumers to your business!


Interactive Marketing Impacts USPS!

The media is really starting to tune into how much exposure interactive marketing can provide, and when combined with the ability to track results it’s no wonder the USPS continues to feel the heat.

“Many consumers and businesses alike have found ways to do without mail. If the idea was proposed today that there would be an accessible box in front of your home for people to put your secure information in, it would never happen,” says Harpointner.” As it turns out, a mailbox is the most unsecure location where personal information is stored. Consumers have found a more secure alternative to this, email.”

Emineo Media in partnership with AIS Media brings businesses effective, manageable and trackable marketing options that are simply not available through traditional mail advertising.  Learn more about the services  our partnership entails  or read the full article .