Meet Your Virtual Friends

Meet your virtual friends and understand them well, because they are very important ones when it comes to building and managing your Online Personal Brand. A Basic guide to four of the biggest and most useful web addresses that are very useful (and otherwise) to build your Online Personal Brand. If built well using them, managing your Online Personal Brand should become easier and fun. And for that you will need to understand these four ‘friends’ a bit better.

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Meet The Chinese Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

What’s Chinese for Facebook? Try RenRen. For Twitter? How about Weibo. YouTube? Youku. These aren’t different names for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Rather, they are completely different, popular and homegrown Chinese social networking and sharing services.

Gerson Lehrman Group’s G+ site put together an infographic listing some of what it calls the popular “copycat” social media platforms in China, along with some stats on internet activity in the country, though the activity stats are fairly dated, from 2009:

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What Marketers Should Know About Brand Advocates

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Emineo Media BuildingYourBusinessBrandMost make recommendations at least once a month

Brand advocates are consumers who actively promote the brands, products and services they love and provide marketers with a volunteer army of supporters who disseminate recommendations to friends and family.

Social media influencer and advocacy company Zuberance found, in a January 2012 study, that US internet users are making more recommendations than ever before, across a variety of industries. On average, the US internet users studied by Zuberance made 9 recommendations per year.

Among internet users who make at least one brand, product or service recommendation per year, 16% reported recommending more than 15 brands, products or services in that time-frame. Another 16% made 10 to 15 recommendations, while more than two-thirds made fewer than 10 recommendations.

As certain consumers increase the frequency with which they make recommendations to at least once a month, they can be considered brand advocates. And as of January 2012, 68% of internet users were in this category. Many of these brand advocates recommend products and services even more frequently, on a weekly or near-daily basis.

When it comes to the types of recommendations they make, internet users talk about technology most often, at 25%, followed by restaurants and dining (15%), and entertainment and leisure (14%).

The Zuberance study also found that 67% of brand advocates were comfortable recommending brands, products and services related to both professional and personal purchases.

Notably, not all of this online word-of-mouth takes place on social media sites. Internet users still prefer email to make their recommendations, with 57% of respondents saying it is their primary online recommendation tool. Another 35% of respondents cited Facebook as their preferred platform for voicing their brand recommendations.

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