Reinvention of Small Business

This infographic details how small businesses are reinventing themselves in today’s economic climate. Small-business owners work more hours and take less vacation time, despite finding mobile devices to be proficient business tools.
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Small-Business Facts

It costs more to start a business in India than in the United States. Small businesses outnumber corporations 1,162 to 1 – but corporations control more concentrated revenues.
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How Social Media Is Used Around The World

Australia, England, Portugal, and a dozen other countries each use social media a little differently. Since a huge number of Edudemic readers are from these countries, I thought this infographic was important to share. It showcases how social media is used around the world and highlights some various statistics that are of note for each location.

The stats are organized by each country’s flag colors and are elegantly laid out in a fun infographic. If you don’t know the colors, read the text and it’ll tell you which country the stat is about. Great for printing out and / or sharing with your PLN around the world. After all, we’re living in a digitally connected world where PLN members are from around the globe.

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Key Takeaways

  • The number of smartphone users in Canada is nearly the same as the U.S.
  • There is an overwhelming push onto doing everything mobile. Smartphones are key in most of the below countries.
  • In Spain, ‘power’ social media users are on Facebook while ‘casual’ users are on YouTube.
  • There are many other social networks other than Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Read below for a quick look at what those might be.

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