Update Your Linkedin

Emineo Media how to use linkedin

1. Optimize Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline need not be your job title. Instead, consider using keywords or phrases that describe who you are, what you do, and why you’re special.

2. Add Skills & Expertise

The Skills section of LinkedIn is still in beta but it’s rapidly growing. This section allows prospects, hiring managers and recruiters to search on a keyword, such as “online Emineo Media how to use linkedinmarketing”, and quickly uncover the people who can get the job done. It’s also a clever way for you to benchmark your competition.

3. List Your Honors & Awards

No one can see that fancy Blogger of the Year plaque hanging in your office but you. Now LinkedIn offers a designated place to list your honors. Don ‘t be shy – if ever there was a time to brag, this is it. Recent grad? Consider adding the new Test Scores section instead.

4. Customize Your Public Profile URL

Did you know that Google indexes your LinkedIn profile? That’s right – each page has a unique URL, but you can easily customize it to underscore your personal brand. LinkedIn.com Once you have a custom URL, drop it into your email signature. It’s a subtle way to encourage people to check out your profile and get connected. You can easily see who’s been spying on you but clicking Who’s Viewed Your Profile, found in the lower right hand corner from the Home page.

5. Include Twitter (only if you tweet)

LinkedIn has a field for you to include your Twitter handle in your profile. This is perfect for people who tweet. However, if you are not an active user or you keep your tweets private, consider skipping this field altogether. For the socially savvy, there’s little worse than clicking that hyperlink to check out your Twitter stream only to hit a dead end.

6. Reorder Overlapping Experience

Many professionals wear more than one hat, and now LinkedIn allows you to determine the order in which they appear. For example, if you’ve just been named the President of your local SMC chapter and wish to showcase that on your profile, you can add it to your experience then pull it under whatever other job you want to pop up first.

7. Update Your Status

Use your status to remind people who you are, what you do, and why you’re special. I recommend updating your status just once a week because unlike Facebook and Twitter, most members do not log in daily. Rather than pulling in your latest tweet, write something for just LinkedIn, sans hashtags and @ symbols which are little more than noise in this channel.

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Are People Sharing too much Online?

Emineo Media oversharing-on-facebook

As social media’s usage has risen, so has people’s willingness to share personal information via that medium. The problem is that what some people might think is a harmless note about going on vacation might be just the news a burglar has been waiting  for. People share so much information now that one study said that 90 percent of adults think people share too much information online.

But what type of potentially dangerous information is being shared and why do people share this information in the first place? Check out our infographic to learn the answers to those questions and more.

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Branding with Pinterest

Emineo Media Pinterest

As anyone on this site is probably aware, Pinterest has become a power when it comes to driving traffic to retail sites. In the wake of this explosion, there’s already been a Emineo Media Pinterestfair amount of wriitng on Pinterest as a marketing tool. We haven’t seen much (a little, not much) regarding Pinterest as a branding tool.

Pinterest has some pretty sweet demographics. Everyone knows the ladies love it. It turns out, those ladies tend to make more than $100,000 per year, while 50% of them are in the coveted 25-45 year old cohort. Half of them have kids. So – upper middle class, harried moms. A simple, attractive, social site like Pinterest is like… tailor made for these folks and some retailers (and some other often surprising brands) have taken notice.

Using Pinterest for Branding

  • Make sure Pinterest fits into your brand and social media strategy. No brainer here, but obviously not every social media outlet is appropriate for every brand. Although some entities and organizations that I wouldn’t have expected (looking at you, US Army)have turned up on Pinterest, and are apparently successful there.
  • Focus on lifestyle, not products. Brands like Whole Foods have been successful on Pinterest, not by posting links to their own products (although they do this), but by promoting a lifestyle that supports their brand. Their pins are shots of beautiful people in beautiful kitchens making beautiful food (hey! That’s available at Whole Foods!) Links to their own products are in the mix, but don’t dominate.
  • Make sure your own photos rock. Look at the other photos in your stream if you’re not a photographer and emulate your favorites. Or hire a professional photographer to shoot your merchandise.
  • Build an online catalog – if you’re a fashion designer, for example, create separate pinboards for your collections. Pretend this doesn’t contradict what I wrote before.
  • Optimize your Website for pinning by making sure it includes great images. On the other hand if images are not a strong suit for your brand, or simply inappropriate for your market, Pinterest may not be the most effective space for you to market. Stay away.
  • Place a “Pin It,” button on your Website, especially if you have great photos of your products. This allows users of your site to easily post images of your amazing wares to their pinboards.

Pinterest still has that “new car smell.”
Right now Pinterest is an exciting new toy. Everyone loves it and almost everyone is using it, but we still don’t know if this is a long-term success or a flash in the pan.

Regardless of its staying power, though, the most important keys to effectively using it for branding are not that different from any other branding tool. Know your market. Measure your results. Be consistent and persistent. Don’t contradict your core brand values. Finally, Pinterest’s strengths (simplicity, visual flair) lend themselves to having fun with it. So have fun!

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