Mobile Marketing and More: 5 Effective Marketing Moves for 2012

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Are you ready to revamp your marketing mix for 2012? Check out Practical Ecommerce’s picks for five smart marketing tactics to try now. Emineo Media Smartphone Marketing

Text marketing: With more Americans using mobile devices and texting, text messaging (also called SMS) is going to grow in importance. One way it will be used is to target offers to customers more specifically by finding out exactly what they want. How would it work? For example, a clothing retailer could text customers an offer for a $5 off coupon if they answer the question, “What’s your favorite clothing item to shop for?” If the customer answers “Shoes,” you’d know to send them special offers for shoes going forward. You can also use SMS to send limited-time offers such as “flash” sales.

Mobile commerce: We saw during the holidays that mobile commerce is hot and getting hotter. The growth of tablet sales will only accelerate this trend. Even if your website is optimized for mobile use (and many still aren’t), there is more to be done, especially for e-tailers. Practical Ecommerce advises e-tailers to “integrate up-selling, cross-selling, and similar online merchandising into the smartphone-friendly versions of their sites.”

Subscription sales: Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines and newspapers anymore. The subscription model, in which consumers or businesses pay a pre-set monthly or annual fee for products or services, is great for businesses because it means a recurring income stream. Setting subscriptions up to renew automatically unless the customer turns them off can lessen attrition. While most of us are familiar with and use subscriptions for things like cloud storage services or cell phone minutes, the trend is moving into different arenas. Practical Ecommerce cites the example of Manpacks, a company that lets men subscribe to underwear, socks, shirts and shaving kits delivered at regularly scheduled intervals (kind of like an “underwear of the month club”).

Triggered emails: Triggered emails, which are sent in response to a certain customer behavior or interaction (such as abandoning a shopping cart), were a hot tactic in 2011 and promise to continue strong this year. You can trigger emails for all kinds of events, such as emailing customers offers for discounts on their next purchase if they review a recent purchase.

Video content: I’ve been reading about the importance of video content for a while now, but many small businesses still aren’t taking advantage of this marketing method. With YouTube the second most popular search channel after Google, and the average American watching 20 hours of online video per month, the demand is out there. Videos help your site rank higher in search engines and are popular on social media. Consider a video that demonstrates your product, shares your expertise or spotlights your loyal customers.

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Eight Creative Marketing Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

Emineo Media Marketing Stand Out

It’s a boggling year for marketing, isn’t it? New social-media platforms seem to be springing up like mushrooms, mobile is exploding. . . it’s hard to know where to focus your marketing time and dollars.

Everywhere I turn lately, I’ve come across tips for how to do innovative marketing this year. So I’ve collected a short list of my favorite tips.Emineo Media Marketing Stand Out

Here are eight ideas for giving your marketing effort a boost:

1. Ask your customers how to reach out. When is the last time you got some data from your customers about how they’d like to interact with your brand? There’s really no excuse when you can run instant polls on your Facebook page.

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2. Triggered emails. Do you send customers an email that makes additional offers after they abandon a shopping cart on your website, or maybe an email that provides free information? If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to keep your name in front of a customer who’s close to buying.

3. Text marketing. Find out what customers want by texting them a question. Then, send them a coupon for a discount on that item. This one’s particularly useful for those Gen-X and -Y customers, many of whom don’t seem to use email anymore.

4. What your competition isn’t doing. Analyze what marketing methods your competitors are using, and look for the holes. Be somewhere they’re not — maybe on Pinterest, or YouTube, or bus boards.

5. Don’t just network — host an event. Hosting an event is a powerful way to get known by a lot of people at once. Why? Everybody comes over to thank the host. Hold the event at your place of business if you have a physical store, so people learn where you are.

6. Referral rewards. This one’s an oldie but goodie that’s still around because it works. Let customers know you’ll pay them $100 if they send you a customer, and turn your customers into your marketing team on the cheap.

7. Simplify. Remember that too many marketing messages confuse customers, especially as you spread them across various social-media channels. Try to pare down to three choices in all aspects of your marketing, from how many fonts you use to how many times you follow up.

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8. Make it musical. Does your company have a theme song? A musical jingle you could share? Use tools such as Spotify to share a musical message with prospects.

What’s your new marketing twist for 2012? Leave a comment and let us know what new marketing strategy you’re trying this year.

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LinkedIn Mobile Growing Fast

Emineo Media LinkedIn-Mobile

LinkedIn reported fourth-quarter earningsthat beat the street and showed strong growth in members, unique visits and page views from its users. But one key metric that stood out is how many users are signing on from their smartphones and tablets, as mobile usage is the fastest-growing part of its business.Emineo Media LinkedIn-Mobile

Mobile now accounts for 15 percent of all visits to LinkedIn, CEO Jeff Weiner told investors and analysts on the fourth-quarter earnings call. That is up from 9 percent of traffic that mobile accounted for about halfway through 2011. Growth is coming in part from improved mobile applications and more customer adoption from those products.

One thing that isn’t growing tremendously in mobile is revenue, however. That could change in the future, as the company looks to add monetization through advertising on mobile devices. “We were very focused on getting the product right and the user experience right,” Weiner said. “Now that that’s in place, we’re going to start to run some tests with ads within the mobile environment.”

Of course, LinkedIn isn’t the only social network that has yet to monetize its mobile apps. Facebook, for instance, has much higher engagement on its mobile apps, with about half of its unique visitors coming from mobile devices. It too doesn’t place ads on those apps yet, something that Facebook highlighted as one of its risk factors in its recent S-1 filing.

The good news for LinkedIn is that to date, mobile isn’t cannibalizing engagement on the company’s website, which it does place ads against. In fact, LinkedIn is seeing an increase in the connection density it gets from mobile users and the number of connections on the network.

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