More Great Content Creators Coming to YouTube

Emineo Media Youtube Channels

YouTube is partnering with Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, Shaq, IGN, The Wall Street Journal and dozens of others to launch a slew of premium video channels.Emineo Media Youtube Channels

The channels, which have been in the works for months, is a big and risky play to get premium content onto its servers. Google (YouTube’s owner) is reportedly spending $100 million to secure the deals for its original channels.

“The first of these new original channels will appear on YouTube starting next month and will continue over the next year,” YouTube Global Head of Content Partnerships Robert Kyncl said in a blog post. “They’ll be available to you on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, with all the interactivity and social features of YouTube built right in.”

The channels will be anchored by a celebrity lineup that includes Madonna (DanceOn), Shaq (The Comedy Shaq Network), Rainn Wilson (SoulPancake), Ashton Kutcher (Katalyst Thrash Lab) and Deepak Chopra (Generate The Chopra Well). YouTube’s partnerships run deeper than celebrities though: WWE, WSJ, The Onion, SB Nation, Demand Media, CafeMom, TED, IGN, Slate, Bleacher Report, InStyle Magazine and Lionsgate are all partners that will seed the content for the new YouTube channels.

YouTube has also launched a preview site for the new channels.

It’s no secret that Google has been wanting to move more into premium video. It’s far more monetizable than cat videos, and it sets up YouTube to be the cable channel of the future. It acquired Next New Networks to help it produce more premium content, and it isn’t sparing any expense to land big-name celebrities for its channels. It won’t be long until we see whether those deals were worth the price.

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Mobile: Use of social on-the-go rising

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Tens of millions of Americans accessed social networks and blogs on their mobile device during August this year but they weren’t just socializing with their friends, according to a new report from comScore, many were interacting with businesses, too.Emineo Media Mobile Apps

Around 72.2 million Americans used their mobile device to access social networks and blogs during August – that’s about a third of all US mobile users and a 37% increase over last year, says comScore.

“This behavior is even more prevalent among smartphone owners with three in five accessing social media each month, highlighting the importance of apps and the enhanced functionality of smartphones to social media usage on mobile devices,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president for mobile.

But on-the-go social media users aren’t just chatting with their friends. More than half view Pages and posts from brands and companies. Furthermore, for half of social mobile users checking in is a daily occurrence.

“Knowing that fans and followers engage with branded content on mobile devices opens the door to a world of opportunity for location-based services,” said Donovan.

Gartner has recently forecast that half of Internet sales will be done via mobile or social by 2015.

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EBay Expects to Generate $5 Billion in Sales Via Mobile Phones in 2011

Emineo Media ebay Mobile phone

Bay has revised its global m-commerce forecast, predicting that it will generate almost US$5 billion in sales volume in 2011 — US$1 billion more than the prediction made earlier this year.Emineo Media ebay Mobile phone

The news comes as eBay reported that revenue for the third quarter ended September 30, 2011, increased 32% to US$3 billion, compared to the same period of 2010.

As more consumers use their smartphones for everything from price comparison to shopping, sales through mobile now account for more than 10% of all purchases on eBay UK and, globally, an item is sold via eBay’s global mobile platforms every second.

Angus McCarey, Retail Director for eBay UK, said: “Mobile has fundamentally changed the way people shop, and mobile sales on eBay are growing in triple digits. As mobile continues to blur the online and offline commerce environment, our focus is on enabling all commerce by helping consumers shop anytime, anywhere and with any device, and by helping retailers keep up with technological advancements.”

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