Emineo Media Helping Businesses Engage Facebook Audiences – Yahoo! News

Emineo Media’s Facebook fan pages are custom designed and available to any business interested in jump-starting their Facebook presence, building a prospect list and delivering value to existing customers.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 15, 2011

Emineo Media launches it new website http://www.iframesfb.com to meet the growing demand for custom Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook iframe apps by Emineo Media enable virtually any business to activate a powerful social media marketing plan. “We customize the apps to offer coupons, promotions, and special fan-only offers, for our customers to amplify their marketing efforts and engage the growing Facebook audience” –Orlando Espinosa, Co-Founder.

Integrated sharing and commenting features help your brand build an active and engaged fan base on Facebook. If you have a business you shouldn’t use your personal Facebook page to promote your products. Another great reason for having a Facebook business page is, your brand gets to be seen by a lot more people and if you can get them to “Like” your page, you instantly have another lead you can market to.

But Facebook fan pages are more than just a way to connect with your potential customers online. Your Facebook page can:

Allow you to connect and contact your prospects through wall posting and Facebook’s email system.

Offer you another channel to profit and grow your business.

Be an exceptional tool in achieving business building goals more easily.

Whether you are driving traffic to your websites, building your list or selling products on your fan page, the end result can be a huge boost in profits.

Maximize the social power of your brand with stimulating and engaging Facebook fan pages designed by Emineo Media.

Orlando Espinosa

Emineo Media


Emineo Media Helping Businesses Engage Facebook Audiences – Yahoo! News.

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How An Iframe Improves Your Social Media Marketing!

Emineo Media iFramesIf your firm is not using social media as a form of marketing then it is fair to say that they are not marketing.

There have always been promises of what next marketing wave will be the future but the benefits of interacting with customers and potential customers through social media sites cannot be missed by companies.

It has to be an interaction, it cannot just be a sales pitch and attempt at selling but of course, this should always be an underlying factor in the social media marketing strategy.

How to market successfully without coming across as marketing too strongly is the real issue and Facebook fanpage iframe is definitely one way to improve upon your social media marketing strategy.

The purpose of a fanpage iframe is to allow a frame or window to appear within your Facebook fanpage and allows you to have the appearance of your own webpage within your Facebook page profile.

You can see why Facebook and other social media sites are happy with this progression because it keeps people on their site.

However, it should be of benefit to you and your company as it means that you can have your own website, built and developed on your personal server and by calling it an application; it can be displayed on a social media site.

Some social media users don’t want to be taken away from the site they are using but now, you don’t have to entice them away.

Everything you wanted to show or inform people of on your own site can now be fully displayed on your Facebook page profile.

The visitor feels more relaxed because they haven’t migrated from their social media home and they can invite their friends to look or give you a thumb up there and then.

The ability to incorporate videos, photos, giveaways, opt-ins and virtually anything you want to a standard social media page is a massive leap forward in social media marketing.

Up until now, it has been about building a fan base and bringing them to your site, now, you can bring your site to the people.

How An Iframe Improves Your Social Media Marketing | iFrames FB.