Facebook tops Google with Social Sign-in

We continue to hear of how Facebook is outpacing Google and others in multiple ways – so to learn that their Social Sign-in is now used more to log into other sites is not a huge surprise! It’s rather in genius in my opinion and I hope more online access providers adopt it as well. Reason being, I hate password management. Anything one of these trusted power houses can do to simplify that process is always appreciated but I won’t digress on that tangent.

What’s important about eMarketer’s article Facebook Becomes Top Choice for Social Sign-In is that it is yet another signal to all businesses, big and small to not just be on Facebook, but to be active at Facebook. Even if your focus is purely B2B. Why you may ask? The answer is as easy as looking in the mirror. Who runs your company? Not the concrete walls that hold it up, people do. And all people are social in some way shape or form. And today, more and more relationship are starting and growing because of online social media. It’s a fresh non-offensive place to learn, share and get-to-know other people and yes, other brands.

If you’re reading our blog, you’re likely doing so in effort to extract nuggets of info to keep yourself up to date on what’s new, what you need to be doing, and trying to figure what or how others like your competition are doing what they are doing. Kudos to you and keep up the effort. It’s an ever changing sea as turbulent as the tornado packed storms that ripped through the Midwest. Unfortunately, the amount of time and energy you are expending to stay informed and education can easily consume an eight-hour work day each week – and that doesn’t include the time you will then spend acting upon that information.

Call is shameless self promotion if you will, but there are highly educated and skilled interactive marketing experts and we’re ready to help so you can focus on the important day to day operations of your business, while we do ours.

Again, if you’re still on the side lines watching Facebook you and you’re business are missing opportunities.


Smartphone users constantly checking web email!

Despite the advent of smartphone and tablet technology, and social media, email remains a prime communication channel, with many consumers constantly checking their inboxes online while on the move.

For many consumers (58%) the first place they head online each day is their inbox, and the vast majority (83%) will scan through all their emails back to the last time they logged in.  Now, with many consumers wielding smartphones, email inboxes are being checked while on the move and smartphone users are more fanatic in their email-checking than non-users, found ExactTarget’s research.

While just over a quarter (28%) of non-smartphone users said they check their email “constantly” throughout the day, nearly half (45%) of smartphone users do so.

In fact, checking email is a more common mobile web activity than visiting Facebook (23%) or Twitter (5%) among smartphone users.

Overall, the home PC remains the top location from which consumers constantly check email (24%) with 63% using it to check email daily. Meanwhile, 16% of email users overall constantly check email from a work/school computer (22% daily).

Eleven percent of email users check constantly from a mobile phone (15% daily) but the numbers are minimal for iPad/tablet users with 2% constantly checking and 3% checking daily.

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Four Simple Steps to Online Success!

The Four Simple Steps to Online Success:

1. Have a well SEO’d website.

Sometimes SEO doesn’t matter, but those cases are rare. For most businesses with a website, search will be the number one traffic source. If you haven’t spent much time thinking about SEO, read about How To Get Started With SEO. You’ll have to decide if you want to hire a consultant or do it yourself. That article will help.

2. Have a great and active blog.

Online success demands a content strategy. For most, a blog is the perfect way to execute a content strategy. (Quality articles posted regularly on your website might be an acceptable substitute.) Blogs are a great way to train the crawlers to visit your site consistently. A great blog will bring you more search engine traffic because they help you get more links and indexed pages.

3. Be active and interesting on appropriate social networking sites.

Social media should not be your primary online asset; it should promote your primary business asset, i.e. – your website and blog. Don’t spam or try shortcuts; you can’t buy your way to thousands of committed fans/followers.

4. Have great products or services.

If you want customers to love you and tell their friends and co-workers about you, you can’t be average or good enough. Online buzz — what we’ve always called “word of mouth” — comes from being remarkable, from having great products and/or services. As I say in the SEO Success Pyramid,

Great search marketing won’t hide the fact that you have a lousy product or service.

That’s true. You may sell a few people on your average/lousy products or services, but it won’t last long. There’s nothing more important than having your customers’ trust, and providing great products and services is a great way to earn trust.

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