Good vs Bad Marketing!

Marketing, per se, is neither good nor bad according to Simon Sinek.

It is simply the way a company speaks to us.

People use their mouths, companies use marketing.

It is objective. However, how companies choose to speak to us is another story.

What are you looking for in a Marketing company?


Good marketing offers us a view of the world.

Bad marketing offers you a product to buy.


Good marketing speaks for us.

Bad marketing speaks at us.


Good marketing starts with a cause.

Bad marketing starts with a goal.


Good marketing drives loyalty.

Bad marketing drives transactions.


Good marketing promotes values.

Bad marketing values promotions.


Good marketing tells us exactly what a company really thinks.

Bad marketing tells us what the company thinks they want us to think they think.


Good marketing seduces.

Bad marketing targets.


Good marketing never mentions price.

Bad marketing always mentions price.


Good marketing uses the products to help tell a story.

Bad marketing tells stories about products.


Good marketing is about us.

Bad marketing is about them.


Bad marketing manipulates.

Good marketing inspires.


How do you market to your customers?


How do you want a business to market your business?


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Invest in Social Media: Facebook surpasses Yahoo!

Facebook to Surpass Yahoo in ad Revenue!

Although it is estimated that Yahoo’s display ad revenue will increase by 16.4% to $1.65billion this year, Facebook will see its display ad revenues surge by a massive 80.9%.

Facebook in 2011 will command 21.6% of all online display ad dollars in the U.S., or $2.19 billion, says the eMarketer report, up from 13.6% last year and 7.3% in 2009.

Facebook’s revenue share is set to rise further in 2012 to 23.8%. Google is expected to pass Yahoo and fall into second place in display advertising by 2012 with 16.7% of the market.

These numbers speak for themselves, yet many businesses are missing opportunities to use social media (Facebook) to promote their products and services.

Helen Leggatt


Emineo Media