Do you take action or gamble?

We truly appreciate when trusted sources share nuggets of information to educate us all on the how-to’s of web design (et al). Whether your company has been online for many years or many months, take heed to the advice but more importantly, take action. You can have the greatest product or service in the world but a poor or bad experience on your website will turn your prospective customer in the opposite direction. It’s no different than a sales agent at a retail (offline) location. If that agent is having a bad day and it’s in the mood to deal with the same questions she just answered over and over the day before and she leaves your prospective customer feeling annoyed as opposed to excited to learn more, there’s a (huge) problem.

So be honest with yourself and/or your team. Are you really going to take action when you receive these complimentary tips from the experts, or are you going to go about your day and take a gamble?

Remember, even if a browser on your site doesn’t turn into a customer, what is it that you want them to remember from their experience (while on your site), which in turn is what do you want them to remember about your company?

If you acknowledge that you likely won’t and rarely do take action, contact a professional interactive web design firm. In the long run, your business will outperform the competition when you focus more on the experience, and less on the expense.


Social Media Grows Up!

Three years ago, Twitter was barely known outside the geeky confines of San Francisco. Today, it’s a marketer’s dream: a free service with an audience of nearly 125 million people, who use it to keep tabs on friends, celebrities — and their favorite companies. Co-founder Biz Stone explains what’s happening, where it’s headed, and how entrepreneurs can take advantage.

via Social Media Grows Up.


Retargeting Used by Marketers for Cost-Effective Brand Lift – eMarketer!

According to a study by comScore and ValueClick Media, the display ad placement strategy with the most brand lift is retargeting.

While display ads may once have been considered primarily a direct response vehicle, and many marketers still rely on measures of declining clickthrough rates as primary display metrics, studies have shown that banner ads provide an important branding vehicle and should be considered as such. Given the cost, reach and effect of various display campaigns, retargeting provides a large benefit with reasonable costs.

via Retargeting Used by Marketers for Cost-Effective Brand Lift – eMarketer.