Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011!

Email marketers have been warming up to social media for the past year, using social elements like “share with your network” and buttons to connect with brands on Twitter and Facebook in email campaigns. Email and social media also go together in another way: They are the top tactics marketers worldwide expect to increase budgets on in 2011. 

According to a November 2010 survey of business executives around the globe by StrongMail, nearly two-thirds of companies will increase spending on email marketing, and 57% will put more dollars toward social media marketing. Search took a distant third place with 41% of respondents indicating they would spend more.

Email, Social Media to See More Marketing Dollars in 2011

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Improve Your Blog SEO with Inbound Links!

Businesses continue to search for practical ways to improve their search engine rankings?

Here are 7 useful tips from Social Media Examiner to optimize your website and blog content and help increase ranking!

#1: Create Content Others Will Want to Share

#2: Distribute Online Press Releases

#3: Write Guest Posts

#4: Link to Others

#5: Share Content with Relevant Websites

#6: Create a Link Network

#7: Don’t Forget Internal Links

Click on the link below to read the full article.

7 Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO with Inbound Links

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Resources Are Now a Big Issue for Social Media Marketers!

Lack of sufficient time and resources worse than lack of strategy or objectives

Social media was once seen by some marketers as a quick and easy way to reach consumers at their newest channel of choice. Advertising on the sites was relatively cheap, and marketing on the sites by creating a brand page or profile was free—it only cost internal time and resources.

But those resources can prove to be substantial, as many marketing professionals seem to have learned, based on a November 2010 survey by social media marketing solutions firm R2integrated. Asked what the biggest barrier to social media marketing was, more than two in five selected time and resources. Just half as many said questions about return on investment were as problematic.

Resources Are Now a Big Issue for Social Media Marketers

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