How Entrepreneurs and Startups Can Get Involved in the Mashable Awards!

The Mashable Awards, our annual contest highlighting the very best the web has to offer, is gaining momentum with more than 150,000 votes already. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get recognition or working for a startup that needs to get nominated, we have some quick tips for you.

If you haven’t nominated yet, now’s the time. We’ve opened 21 of the 25 categories so far, for which you can nominate a person, company, organization, app, device, gadget, video, URL or technology. Also, make sure to follow along in the Mashable Awards series that takes a closer look at nomination categories.

Nominations will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, November 29. The top five nominees with the most nominations (subject to editorial policies and official rules) will move forward to the “Final 5 Voting Round” starting Wednesday, Dec. 1.

 How Entrepreneurs and Startups Can Get Involved in the Mashable Awards.

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Mashable Weekend Recap: 18 Stories You Might Have Missed!

Emineo Media’s provides the Social Media recap recently found on Mashable.

It’s been an eventful weekend in social media and technology, and we’re here to help you get caught up before an even more eventful week begins.This weekend, Sony retired the Walkman, Groupon added self-served deals, Lady Gaga surpassed 1 billion YouTube views, Kanye West released an innovative online music video, Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 is a long ways away, Netflix started rolling out streaming-only subscriptions and WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange walked out of an interview with CNN. As always, we also have some helpful features that you might want to check out. Thanks for reading!

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3 Ways Small Businesses are Investing in Social Good!

This is Emineo Media’s Sixth highlight of the recent 38 New Social Media Resources recently found on Mashable.

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Lately, a lot has been written about how businesses are using social media to promote social good. Most of the attention has focused on the campaigns of large companies like Pepsi or Pedigree. While the success of those campaigns warrants exposure, small local businesses have also begun using social media to create positive change in their communities.

Below are some examples of how small businesses are investing in social good to partner with non-profits, raise funds and finance micro-loans.

If your company is raising awareness for non-profits through social media, let us know about your work in the comments below

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