How Lawyers May Use Social Media in the Future?

There has been a tenuous union between lawyers and social media. The fact that so much information and conversation is made public can deter firms from jumping on board. That same hesitancy, however, gives some clues as to how social media may be used by lawyers in the future.

Social media is a big deal. Everyone from your mom to your nephew is probably online in some way. But you might not think to look up your lawyer’s Twitter() handle or read up on his or her firm’s blog.

More and more firms and individuals are coming online. To try and get a grasp on where social media is heading, we spoke with three social media savvy attorneys to help us read the tea leaves.

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Social Media Increases Small-Business Exposure!

According to the American Express OPEN fall 2010 “Small Business Monitor,” small-business owners have dramatically upped their usage of social media for marketing in the past year.While just one in 10 business owners reported using social networking for marketing last year, 39% indicated they did in September 2010. The impetus is driving sales by connecting with consumers. Facebook was the clear leader among small-business owners, with 27% using the site to attract new customers, vs. 9% using LinkedIn, 8% using Twitter and 5% maintaining a blog.

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Investing More Time Brings Sophistication to Social Media Efforts!

Nonprofits that spend the most time see the most success

Nonprofits, which have sometimes shown themselves to be ahead of their counterparts in the business world when it comes to social media marketing, are also divided depending on their experience with the medium. What makes the most experienced users stand out?

According to August 2010 research from Ventureneer, a provider of online tools for nonprofits, and Caliber, nonprofits that had been using social media the longest also tended to spend the most time on their efforts. Among respondents that had used social media marketing for at least two years, 68% spent at least 25 hours a week on it, compared with just 12% of nonprofits that had been active in the space for less than a year.

via Investing More Time Brings Sophistication to Social Media Efforts – eMarketer.

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